Serial UART Basics

Comparsion in Windows,Linux and Android platform

Introduction A serial port is a serial communication interface through which information transfers in or out one bit at a time. This article explains implementation serial port communication application in different platforms android, Linux and Windows. Serial UART test application The below section explains basic steps in writing serial port applications in Linux, Windows and android (command line application). Linux and Android Like all devices, UNIX provides access to serial ports via device files. [Read More]

Porting NDIS 5.1 Miniport wireless driver to NDIS 6.0 and higher version

This article summaries the important steps towards porting NDIS 5.1 wireless driver to NDIS 6.0 wireless driver in Windows Embedded Compact 13 platform.

More Information about NDIS

The Network Driver Interface Specification (NDIS) is an application programming interface (API) for network interface cards (NICs). developed jointly by Microsoft and 3Com Corporation and is mostly used in Microsoft Windows. NDIS facilitates communication between the Windows Embedded Compact operating system (OS) and network adapter and protocol drivers. NDIS 6.0 and higher versions have lot of advantages over lower versions. They are, Advantages

  • Higher performance.
  • Better manageability.
  • Reduced complexity.
  • Simplified driver models.
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Connect to a WiFi network with wlantool.exe

To connect to a specific AP, using wlantool.exe in compact 7/WEC13, follow below steps.

  • To create profile using wlantool,
$ wlantool -cp -i WLANSDIO -p TestAP

where, WLANSDIO is interface name(wireless adapter name) TestAP is access point name

  • To scan list of APs
$ wlantool -ln -s
  • To connect to an AP with Open authentication with no encryption,
$ wlantool -c -i WLANSDIO -ssid TestAP -auth open -encr none 
  • To connect to an AP with SSID TestAP,with WPA-PSK authentication with TKIP encryption and password 1234aaaa,
$ wlantool -c -i WLANSDIO -ssid TestAP -auth WPAPSK -encr TKIP -key 1234aaaa 

Command lines for WinCE CETK

The CETK tool consists of a server application that runs on a development workstation and client software that runs on each target device. It consists of below process. Tux Harness Kato Logging Engine Device Driver Loader This section explains command line arguments that are to be passed to Tux with few examples. For Tux syntax, one can refer this link.. Command line OAL Timer test cases backwardsRunTime Specifies the run time in seconds for the test. [Read More]