To connect to a specific AP, using wlantool.exe in compact 7/WEC13, follow below steps.

  • To create profile using wlantool,
$ wlantool -cp -i WLANSDIO -p TestAP

where, WLANSDIO is interface name(wireless adapter name) TestAP is access point name

  • To scan list of APs
$ wlantool -ln -s
  • To connect to an AP with Open authentication with no encryption,
$ wlantool -c -i WLANSDIO -ssid TestAP -auth open -encr none 
  • To connect to an AP with SSID TestAP,with WPA-PSK authentication with TKIP encryption and password 1234aaaa,
$ wlantool -c -i WLANSDIO -ssid TestAP -auth WPAPSK -encr TKIP -key 1234aaaa