The CETK tool consists of a server application that runs on a development workstation and client software that runs on each target device. It consists of below process.

  • Tux Harness
  • Kato Logging Engine
  • Device Driver Loader

This section explains command line arguments that are to be passed to Tux with few examples. For Tux syntax, one can refer this link..

Command line OAL Timer test cases

backwardsRunTime Specifies the run time in seconds for the test. To specify one or more of the following optional command line parameters for this test, use the –c command line parameter, which forces Tux to pass the specified string into the test module. These lines should be mention in -c argument.

For example refer below,

tux -o -n -d oalTestCaches.dll –c “3600” -x 1100-1199

Command line storage device test cases

The Storage Device Tests exercise various storage devices on the test device, evaluating their read/write and other functionality. Command line “zorch” should be added, otherwise, the test will not run. For example refer below example command lines.

File System Driver Test

tux -o -d fsdtst -c "-zorch" -x1001-1010,5001-5032

Storage Device Block Driver Application Programming Interface (API) Test

tux -o -d disktest -c "-zorch"