Competition is very old by nature. It has been here on earth since thousands years ago. What is competition? Wikipedia definition goes like this :Competition is a contest between organisms, animals, individuals, groups, etc., for territory, a niche, or a location of resources, for resources and goods, for prestige, recognition,awards, or group or social status, for leadership.But is it really healthy for us? This article shows my thoughts on this question.

I came across this story by some unknown author, which explains how this world is competitive.There were two strangers passing by a dense forest. During their journey, suddenly they were interrupted by a huge lion. It seemed very hungry and about to attack them. Both of them were speechless. Suddenly one of them, started to tighten up his shoe lace. The other was shocked at seeing this and asked him,Do you think, you are able to run faster than this lion? While the other replied like this and started running. “I don’t have to run faster than this lion. I just need to run faster than you”. This is how this world is competitive. This story might have ended up in an unhealthy way. But there are lot of advantages to competition. Say for example, competition in the work place increases production and helps promote self improvement. Whereas in some cases, it is the very worst. Think about the first world war and second world war. It is one form of competition. A violent face of competition! It has both good and bad.Even this modern human is the outcome of biological competition that has been happening a long period. So competition has both the faces. It is our responsibility to wield it in a healthy way.