Installing a pre-built module into the Yocto kernel Image

While it is always preferable to build a module driver from source and install it into the Yocto image, in somecases you may need a kernel module driver to be installed from pre-built .ko module. This is needed when you want build your proprietary images without releasing your source code. Below is the template recipe for installing a pre-built module into the Yocto kernel Image. Sample recipe file DESCRIPTION = "Install any module driver from pre-built . [Read More]

Tips and Tricks in Yocto Build

A simpler way of using a local git repository in bitbake recipe file In some cases for instance when the download performance is not good, you may need to use local kernel git repository in your yocto build bb file. To do this, you can either use existing local git repository in your bb file or you can set-up and download git repository locally as below. Steps to set up local kernel repository [Read More]