Does anyone remember your very first day in this world? I guess nobody does. Though you don’t remember yours, probably you know it very well. A baby’s first minutes start with a loud cry. Spend most of her first weeks in sleep and rest. Then slowly she starts to stare at mom, dad and other new faces. She often keeps them awake in nights with her cry to get attention for her troubles. Now for the first time, she did a different thing. Yes. Her first smile and firt social milestone! With her smile at them, she turned all their sleepless nights to worth million times over. Months passed. After a lot of failures and tries, she starts to stand, then followed by her first steps in walking. After her first fall, she doesn’t hesitate to try again. Falling and losing balance is precisely how she learn to successfully walk. From the first day, she starts to grasp all the sounds and noise this world is making. With that, she carefully distinguished which are noise and which are good meaningful words. Starting from her babble speech, she starts to speak the language elegantly. This story goes on and she lived happily.

Now we are about to reach a new milestone in our life. With this special day I would like to share few Life science from the baby.

  • Don’t forget your first social milestone. keep smiling. This will make you happy as well as the others.
  • Whenever you are facing a new problems, stare at them, observe it carefully and solve it.
  • Life is not possible without few disappointments. Share it with your loved ones and friends. This way you feel relived from your worries.
  • Don’t get disappointed by failures. Like Christopher Nolan movies says, Why do we fall ? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up ,Keep trying until you succeed.
  • Distinguish between good and bad. Learn only good things.

Following this in your life, the road to success is simple. Even we can learn from a child. A fresh newyear is once again upon us. So let’s starts it fresh for all our glories and success . Wish you all a very Happy New Year 2018!